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If you have an electric car, especially the thoughtfully designed Tesla, there is an increased demand to have a charging station installed in your home. The perks of installing your own station are limitless, considering you can use it whenever you like without going to find or paying at public charging stations.

Many Tesla owners find it extremely convenient to simply plug in their cars at the comfort of their homes and wake to a vehicle that is ready to go. There is no better way to charge your vehicle in an easy and sustainable way that fits your lifestyle.

Tesla Home Car Charger Installation in Honolulu, Oahu

Skyta Construction, Roofing and Solar is a Tesla certified home charger installer in Honolulu, providing Tesla owners and drivers with quality home car charger installations for efficient e-mobility. With our professional installation and comprehensive services, we are thrilled to help you make charging of your e-cars easy, fast and efficient. We have a team of highly trained and experienced electricians whose top priority is providing support for all your electrical needs.When you decide to have our professionals install your home charging station, we’ll start by conducting a full inspection of all equipment prior to installation. Before installing a charging station in your home, there are some key factors you need to consider. These include;

Electrical Capability

The charging of an electric car consumes a great deal of electricity. You may need a service upgrade if your home is older or on the smaller side. Many garages are not equipped with the necessary power capacity to handle the energy demands of the Tesla, meaning the electrical system might need to be checked and perhaps serviced with an electrical upgrade.

What are My EV Charging Options?

Each Tesla comes with some basic charging options. Before you set up an at-home charging station, you need to determine what type of charging station would work best for your EV. It’s vital to ensure you are working with the right amperage.

Level 1 Charging
This is available as a standard for your vehicle and is plugged into any three-prong outlet. Charging is slow, providing up to five miles of range each hour but enough for daily drives. While it uses the standard 120-volt outlet that won’t require any modifications to your electric panels, it’s essential to have an electrician inspect your home’s electrical wiring before your first charge.

Level 2 Charging
Level 2 offers fast charging, varying from 12 to 80 miles of range per hour. Its use ensures that the battery is completely charged after each use, prolonging its lifecycle. Charging at this level requires a charging station that’s hard-wired and mounted to a wall with a 240-volt outlet.A wall connector can be purchased at the Tesla online store. You’ll obviously need to work with an experienced technician to evaluate your electrical system capabilities and complete the necessary work for a safe and quality charging connection. For added functionality, we can link up to four wall connectors to share power, so you can simultaneously charge your Tesla cars.

Hire a Professional for the Quality Service You Deserve

Setting up a home charging station should only be entrusted to a professional that handle the job safely and correctly. A Tesla is a significant investment on your part, and we want to provide a quality service to match. Our electrical technicians will arrive at your property and will make sure the job is done right with everything you need to power your charging station for many years to come.Regardless of your model, you can trust us to keep your car charged and on the go, all the while guaranteeing that your home is safe from any electrical faults that could be triggered by the newly installed charging station. Contact us today to schedule your consultation or to get a free estimate for a Tesla charger Installation. We’re happy to provide the support you need in your Tesla ownership journey.


Location too is crucial. An ideal location for a Tesla charging station is the garage or driveway. If neither of this is applicable, our knowledgeable technicians will help you explore other options for the perfect spot. You want to settle for a space that has easy access to power with adequate parking space for the car and the needed charging equipment.Additionally, when it comes to deciding how long your cable needs to be, always opt for a longer cable that can sufficiently run anywhere in an average-size garage.

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