We offer a variety of roofing material options for your home.

Trusted contractors and insurance repair experts

As your trusted contractors and insurance repair experts, our team of well-managed roofing and construction professional are known to provide the most premium craftsmanship for your home.

At Skyta Construction & Roofing, we make sure that the roof installed by our team keeps your family safe underneath its shade. From Tile, Metal, Shingles, Color, Patterned and more, our expert roof layers are specifically trained to help you go through the best available options for your roofing needs without compromising on quality and the beauty of your home.

Hawaii's Trusted Roofing Team!

Introducing creative new roofing solutions with 0% down payment, it doesn’t matter if it’s a new roof or a reroofing project you need to complete, SKYTA Construction & Roofing believes in providing nothing but the best to its customers.

We are perfectly equipped to manage entire storm damage claims, while working with your insurance company to get the proper replacement value for your entire claims including windows, painting, siding and any and all other items.

Repairs & Replacements

Since it’s fairly understood that no roof lasts forever, we do however maximum the life span of your roof. With a routine roof maintenance check, our team of experts make the correct repairs at times completely doing away with entire roof replacements.

Other Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing
Under commercial roofing, we offer Installation, Maintenance, Penetration and Repair, all under one roof. SKYTA Construction and Roofing is a professional service company that specializes in the construction of roofing systems and building envelope waterproofing.

Installation of Roofs
We have a vast experience in roof installation. Our customers include property owners, managers, architects and consultants. We conduct roof surveys and provide estimates to them that are very specific to the site of the proposed building and the chosen roof system, and then we carry out our real job.

Maintenance of Roofs
Before we conduct the actual maintenance, we design a detailed roof system inspection report and devise a plan which enlists all the recommendations for repairs. These recommended repairs are properly identified with references to the pictorial reports already developed in the first stage.

Emergency Repairs
Repairs of roof, clearing of clogged roof drained and shoveling of snow are some of the emergency services we provide to our valued commercial roofing system customers. We have a special well-trained and dedicated crew fully equipped to carry out any type of repair at any time of the day.

Residential Roofing
Under the banner of residential roofing, we cover installation, ventilation, gutters and repairs. SKYTA believes in using long-lasting and steady material in its roofing systems to ensure safety and satisfaction of its customers while feeling it cost-effective.

Shingle Roofing
We provide Asphalt, Slate, Cedar and Metal as base for our roofing solutions to not just large residential complexes but we also cater small to medium sized houses.

In order to maintain a good the air-flow and make the house energy efficient, we make sure that our roofing systems over the all important aspect of ventilation.

We provide a wide range of gutters in various styles and colors such as Berridge K-Style Aluminum and Copper Seamless Gutters.

Inspection and Repair
We provide a complimentary inspection and repair service to our customers for any types of cracking, peeling, blistering or buckling. Our emergency crew visits the site and makes a report with recommended actions for repair work.

Flat Roof Repair and Replacement
Flat roofs are a safer bet in terms of certain problems more common in the traditional, shingle roofing systems. However, there are a whole range of different types of repair work that is needed to maintain and keep them in good shape.

Some common maintenance issues arise in flat roofs due to splintering, blistering and leaks. Due to standing water due to storms or clogged gutters and drains, roofs tend to start leaking. Splitting and cracking is seen due to drastic changes in temperature as the snow freezes and thaws on the roof. Whilst in summer, blistering is a more persistently found problem due to extreme heat. Regularly getting your property inspected and maintained is the best way to keep it in good shape.

All types of leaks and damage to the roof is comprehensively covered by SKYTA Construction and Roofing Company. We begin our work by always inspecting each level of the roof and conducting a detailed survey of the waterproofing, insulation and timber deck etc. Usually a seamless coating is done to ensure no leaks appear in future.

SKYTA Construction and Roofing Company ensures that you have a safe building. Therefore, if our team of experts come to the conclusion that a damage is of the scale that repairing is not a safe option, we recommend a roof replacement. Roof replacement is carried out during day time but there is no disturbance inside the building. The old roof is dismantled and replaced under strict safety standards ensuring a steady structure underneath.

To learn more about roof laying and replacement, call us at 808-427-0135 or fill out the query form on our website.

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