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Skyta Construction & Roofing

Meet Hawaii's Solar & Roofing Home Team

Skyta Construction & Roofing has been committed to providing different business and home owners with top of the line roofing contractors, who are just as efficient as they are detail-oriented. Our aim is to satisfy your particular needs while offering services which are cost-effective and some of the most premium in the industry.

Our company opened in 2015. Since then, we have become one of the leading contractors for many big conglomerates such as Tesla, Solar City, Liberty Mutual, Dividend Finance, and Spruce to name a few.Skyta Construction & Roofing has the necessary knowledge that makes even big scale projects a certain success. Our unique set of skills in construction work and roof repairing, makes us ideally adept at catering to weather damages.

Our vision dictates that we treat every project different, such is our understanding. Essentially, we don’t take the same approach to every other job that we get as we understand every customer and their needs are different. We make sure that we treat every project and client with due care.

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Skyta solar & Roofing


Our expert of professional construction workers and roofing specialists, don’t just install new roofs, we also do complete overhauls including asphalt, insulation and more, essentially revamping your entire roof. Even if you have insurance claims for damages due to natural occurrences and any other, we take complete responsibility and work with your insurance company to get your house all patched up.

Skyta Construction & Roofing


It doesn’t matter if you looking for commercial or residential roofing services, we have got you covered. Our aim is to provide the best roofing and construction services, while being your local roofing company which has been serving for over 8 years.

Skyta Construction & Roofing

Our Commitment To You

As a BBB accredited business, you know when you sign up with SKYTA Construction & Roofing, you are signing up for the most premium services and placing your trust in us to deliver to you what we promise. Our reputation for impeccable services in all aspects of construction and repair work just simply adds to our already incredible track record.

Our expertise lies in friendly installations of new roofs into your new home or business. In all events of a natural catastrophe, SKYTA Construction & Roofing has a complete understanding of the insurance processes and can work with you to get your claims processed in the earliest possible timeframe.

As we understand that every client, customer or job, is different. For that very reason we take a unique approach towards all our jobs treating them all different as every project is special and requires a personalized touch. Even if you are not so familiar with procedures, installation or details for your home improvement job, we ascertain that a discussion is had regarding all your needs and queries. Our dedicated client relations staff, allots dedicated sessions to all our clients, where every case is inspected and assessed in all its details.

For more information and queries about residential or commercial construction and roofing, feel free to call us at 808-427-0135, or just fill out the form on our website.

Skyta solar & Roofing

Design Approach

1. Inspection
2. Concepts
3. Your Concepts
4. Review & Revise
5. Contract

We have been vetted and is an approved contractor with some of the leading edge companies out there such as, Tesla, Solar City, Liberty Mutual, Dividend Finance, Spruce, etc.

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